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Many people like to shop at estate sales because they love the fact that they can get a bargain. They can also find fun things that are unique, vintage or that add to their collection.

However, if a shopper is looking for something that is in perfect condition, there are some things that they need to know.

While estate sale companies don’t knowingly sell items that are defective, broken or unclean (unless marked ‘as is’), there is not enough time to plug in every toaster and iron the make sure that they are in perfect working order.

We also can’t guarantee that clothes and linens (some of which may have been sitting in boxes for years) are clean or soil free.

That is why I tell customers to TRY IT ON, TURN IT ON AND CHECK THE VALUE.

We tell people this because most estate sale companies do not give refunds, including SALE by GALE. If you are buying anything electrical (toaster, weed whacker, hair dryer, etc.), ask if you can plug it in. This is a request that we are always happy to accommodate.

For the handyman in the group, they may still want to purchase the item (knowing that they can fix it), they may ask for a discount. If reasonable, we will negotiate.

If you are buying CDs, DVDs or LPs, check the box. Some sales have hundreds of these items and we don’t have the time to check each one. We don’t want you to be disappointed if you get home and find that you have empty containers.

Try on whatever you are buying to make sure that it fits. Check linens and clothes for snags or stains. All items should be washed after being purchased.

Ceramics may have cracks and other items may not be perfect. However, some times, that adds to the charm of the item and may be fine.

We also suggest that you look up the value for higher-end items. While we try to price things reasonably, you may decide that an item is priced higher than comparable items. This may be totally worth it to purchaser if it is something that they have been looking for, but it is good to have the information.

If you buy food items, check the expiration date. It is up to you to decide if you want to purchase it. We can’t guarantee the contents of unopened items.

The most important thing to remember is that we can’t give refunds for merchandise and we want you to have the most pleasant shopping experience.

Thank you for shopping SALE by GALE!!!