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Summer Games

Long before we had cell phones and video games, we had to figure out how to spend the long hot summer.

The only camp that existed then was with the town Rec center where you went for day and made braided gimp bracelets and clay pots.

Some kids went to Boy Scout or Girl Scout camps but there wasn’t anything like what the kids have now.

There were a lot of hours IMG_2653to fill, so we made our own fun and used natures ‘toys’ to entertain ourselves.

The weeds with the thing at top was used as a camera. You wrapped the bottom stem around and then popped the top bud off.

Punks found down in the swamps could be used for a variety of things. You could pretend that they were cigarettes and smoke them.

Hours could be spent looking for the elusive four-leaf clover in a field with mostly three-leaIMG_2441f clover.

Daisies helped us determine if that special guy liked us as much as we liked him. “He loves me, He loves me not.”

The propeller-like seeds that fall from trees were peeled apart and placed on the nose.

The little yellow flowers were placed under the chin to see if there was a yellow reflection. That indicated that you liked butter.

Not high-tech but it did provide for hours of amusement back in the day.