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Given that Blind Copy has been around for a long time, I’m not quite sure why few people seem to take advantage of it. Instead emails are sent out with pages of email addresses that the reader has to wade through.

This is especially annoying when reading the email on the cell phone because you have to page down through the list of multiple emails when all you want to see is the email itself.

It’s so easy to include the same list in Blind Copy rather than in the TO: or COPY: section.

Not only is the Blind Copy option a great way to cut down on the clutter in your inbox; but it also prevents user’s names from being inadvertently copied.

Even more annoying that Blind Copy is Reply All. Certainly some instances call for it, but the majority of the time, there is no reason that EVERYBODY needs to see who is coming to an event; what they are bringing; etc. More often than not, the person who sent the email – or the coordinator – is the only one who needs to get the reply.

I received an invitation to a holiday party recently and I heard from over 25 people on this list who could not attend the party. Because I was included on their replies, I heard about the fact that their mother-in-law was ill, or they were going to Ohio, or that they had the flu. I mean no disrespect but I didn’t know any of these people so I didn’t need to hear about their respective reasons as to why they could not attend the party.

There are times when it is necessary to Reply All if people need to see who is coming so that they don’t duplicate dishes or they need to see what the latest consensus is for a date.

However, I suggest that you make a New Year’s pledge to cut clutter and START using Blind Copy and STOP using Reply All. Happy New Year!