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Shoppers buy all sorts of things at estate sales – and for all sorts of reasons. Some are collectors who are looking for a piece or two to complete their collection.

Others are looking for furniture or other household items to furnish a new home or child’s apartment.

Many are just looking for the penultimate bargain. There are certain items that one should look for at estate sales if they are in the market for these items.

Candles. Go to a Yankee Candle store and you will pay $20-$50 for a candle. Candles at estate sales are usually priced between $1-5.

Printer paper/labels. This can also cost a lot at a store, but estate sales are usually looking to get rid of them and sell them for a dollar or two per package.

Household cleaners and other products. More often than not, a sale will include a few boxes of the above items. Normally priced between $1-2, this can be a real bargain, especially when a box of detergent can cost as much as $10.

Books. Books are often very plentiful at sales, and are heavy and hard to pack up and move. Unless they are rare or otherwise special, most sell books at $.50-$2 for paperbacks and $1-$10 for hard cover.

Record albums. These have come back in fashion and can be picked up for a few dollars apiece at most sales.

Clothes and shoes. Some estates include a beautiful collection of clothes and shoes – both for men and women. If they are your size, then you are in luck, because most sales don’t price clothes higher than $10 for designer labels. You can typically get small items like socks, hats and belts for a couple of dollars. Some items are newer, while there is often a nice collection of vintage items as well.

Linens. These are often plentiful at sales and range from the most delicate lace to the funkiest patterns to hand-made quilts. Pick up a set of towels and sheets for much less than you would pay at discount store.

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